A Lovely Card

Today I received a card from a friend from Maine. She and husband are great people and were curious why I moved my hand when I spoke. I explained it was a coping skill for my Aphasia. They were fascinated and I gave them a copy of my book. It was in July and we were heading home the same day. The next morning we had breakfast together and she read the book that night. She loved it. We have not spoken since July but yesterday I received a card from her. Her brother-in-law suffered a massive stoke damaging the left side of his brain. His family was devastated. She shared my book with her family and it eased their minds and gave them an idea what the stroke victim was feeling and what to expect. “It was so helpful, to have a first hand account of just how you were feeling as it occurred and the days and months following. Thank you so much for giving the world this book.”
“Thank you for your book.”


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