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Diminished Memory Loss

Today I am preparing to travel to New York to speak with publishers, media and producers.  I will be leaving on Friday for the weekend. I will be meeting with publishers, media and producers and create several selling points of my book in two minutes.  My problem is since the stroke my long term and short term memory  are dimished.   This in turns makes me anxious and my speaking is becomes diminished.  This is going to be interesting.  But I will get through it somehow.  Anyone have any ideas?


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Reaching Out

I will be giving a presentation at the York Public Library, York Maine on Thursday November 21 at noon and then at the York Stroke Support Group on November 25 @ 10:15 am.  The group meets at the Living Well Center at 127 Long Sands Road in York, Maine.  The topic will be stroke survivor issues and aphasia.  I am excited that I may be able to connect and help others with their disabilities.  My  hope is to inspire them and do not give up.


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October 17, 2013 · 7:35 pm

The Power of Love


seyed mostafa zamani / Foter / CC BY

A close friend’s brother had a stroke several weeks ago (he is unable to speak and is beyond frustrated), she noticed that I move my hand when I speak and I explained the purpose. Today she  wrote me the following:   “I tried to get the idea across about speaking a syllable with every stroke of the pen on paper, but we just ended up giggling, but when I flipped the page, he didn’t want me to help him and he wrote his 1st word, clear as can be:
l o v e
We hugged and he went on to write 3 more words that didn’t spell anything, then before I left after my niece and sister returned, they said I think he wants to write again, so I flipped the page and he wrote once again:
l o v e
I was on cloud 9 all the way home ! I believed in him and the power of prayer, and felt that with hard work and
determination he would be able to speak again. This word on paper, spoke loudly to me, that love will get him through.
I thanked God that I met you and heard your story, then bought your book. It has been the most helpful tool for us and worth all of your work in the writing  it.  I will try to get some time again with him later this week and will put that pen back in his hand.  Thanks again for your insight into the effects on the mind and body of a stroke patient.”

The purpose of the book was to hear the success of stroke survivors. My story made the three years of writing my book very moving and special for me.

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2013 Southern California Book Festival

I received exciting information today.  I earned an Honorable Mention at the 2013 Southern California Book Festival for my book ‘Finding My Voice with Aphasia”. The festival is held every year with over a 100,00 entries from all over the country.  I am so excited and feel validated as a writer. I was requested to go to the Roosevelt Hotel in LA to receive a plaque on October 18, 2013 and give a speech. This is unbelievable.  I am on cloud 9.

Strokes and their results are terrifying; rehabilitation is hard work; and aphasia is mind-boggling. This is an example of what you can do when you work hard,  receive encouragement and  never give up.   Just keep on following your goals and dreams.

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