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Ingnorant Behavior

I attended an event recently. This lovely young lady came to me and we began talking about the day’s events.  I noticed she kept looking over to several young men who were smiling and definitely had an agenda.  Finally she asked me “Why do you use your hand? Are you retarded too?”  My response was ” you are not retarded, you are an  intelligent, and articulate young  lady,”  Her response was she had down syndrome and the young men wanted to know what your problem was and if you were retarded?  “No, we do not use that word and they must be ignorant and drunk.” Using my coping skill I ignored the epitome of ignorance and avoided an upsetting conversation.

Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder which occurs in one out of eight hundred births. Basically it is the 21st gene that has been extra genetic material attached to it which causes physical  and intellectual development (Down Syndrome Association).  Down syndrome  children and parents have made great strides, they are increasingly integrating  into society;mainstream classrooms; working and ordinary activities like everyone participate in during their life.

The courage,  patience, and emotional rollercoaster ride of their parents is beyond believe. It made my stroke/aphasia feel like pebble on the road of life.  Some people forget we are all in this world together and need to accept differences.


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Thinking you are having a STROKE?

Thinking you are having a STROKE?.

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Relaxing and Regenerating

Relaxing and Regenerating.

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Relaxing and Regenerating

Stress can cause many problems for people especially stroke survivors.  The past eight months have been very stressful and recently it has effected my aphasia and other stroke related issues.  As my aphasia became worse I decided it was time to take a break and take care of  myself.  When this happens it is your body telling you to stop what you are doing and find a place to relax and de-stress.  I am spending my time at my favorite place in Maine.  The minute I walked in I could feel myself relax. After several days I feel better, not stressed and rejuvenated.   If you are under a lot of stress – Please find time for yourself to relax – travel to a place that makes you happy, attend a movie or go to a dinner and a play or just meet with your friends for a quiet night and chit-chat.   It will do you the world of good and avoid any medical issues.  Remember you only have one body so take good care of it!

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Thinking you are having a STROKE?

I am doing research for my radio show on Toginet, Thursdays at 11AM and thought I should share it with you. According to the CDC and  prestigious hospitals 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke each year. On average one person dies from a stroke every 4 minutes in the United States. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and THE leading cause of adult disability. According to researchers 25% to 40% develop some form of aphasia.   A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is blocked or when a blood vessel ruptures, causing brain tissue.

Time is of the essence, there is only a 3 hour time span to receive medication such as a TPA, to someone suffering from a stroke.  Every second you wait for treatment the more brain cells die inflicting more disability. Remember the signs are sudden and debilitating. Sign of a stroke are:

> One side of the face drooping or feeling numb

> Weakness or numbness in one arm or leg

> Slurred speech or difficult to understand

> Sudden confusion

> Sudden loss of balance or coordination

> Sudden severe headache

When you see notice any of these symptoms — write the time of the onset the these symptoms and all 911 immediately, even if they go away after a few minutes, and tell the dispatcher the person is having a stroke.  If the symptoms dissipate within a few minutes the person needs to be checked for a TIA  or mini-stroke or warning of a stroke within several months.  Preventative medicines after the TIA can be ordered to reduce the chance of a major stroke,

Stay healthy, Stay safe and Take care.

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Aphasia Awareness is My Passion

Aphasia Awareness is my passion. “Sharing experiences Knowledge is Power” my radio show on TOGINET [Thursdays @ 11am EST] allows me to connect with millions of people and I am grateful for the opportunity. Aphasia is a very difficult and frustrating condition. Last week I spoke about the symptoms of a stroke, the differences between the right and left side of the brain and diminished abilities after a stroke.  Also I spoke about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
Exciting News I am in talks to develop a device to help speaking easier.

Aphasia Awareness




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