Aphasia Medical Card

Imagine being in a car accident or a bad fall.  You are semi-conscious and cannot reply to questions referring to your medical conditions or your medications.  Eventually you regain consciousness and respond to these questions but you are stressed, in pain and cannot remember all your medications and most important your allergies. Imagine being a person with aphasia who under this stress cannot communicate any information.   These scenarios occur frequently in the Emergency Rooms everyday.

The solution is YOU.  Carry a card with your name, address, medical condition, allergies, medications, surgeries, and emergency contacts.  People, especially with aphasia, should carry a card/paper similar to this example:

Medical Condition
Telephone #
I have suffered a stroke or head injury resulting in Aphasia. Aphasia means it is difficult for me to speak clearly, read or write, especially under pressure. Please speak slowly and clearly and allow me time to respond. Thank you.

Emergency Contact:


Prior surgeries:  For example if you have a pacemaker you cannot have a MRI



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