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Holiday Gift

Believe it or not the Holiday Season is upon us.  A gift for a person who has everything is a good book.  “Finding My Voice with Aphasia Walking though Aphasia” is an inspirational memoir of a stroke survivor which resulted in aphasia.  It has received great reviews and has also helped many stroke survivors, people with aphasia and caregivers.  According to critiques it is a feel good book.

You can purchase this exceptional book at

Happy Holiday!


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Aphasia Awareness is My Passion

Aphasia Awareness is my passion. “Sharing experiences Knowledge is Power” my radio show on TOGINET [Thursdays @ 11am EST] allows me to connect with millions of people and I am grateful for the opportunity. Aphasia is a very difficult and frustrating condition. Last week I spoke about the symptoms of a stroke, the differences between the right and left side of the brain and diminished abilities after a stroke.  Also I spoke about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
Exciting News I am in talks to develop a device to help speaking easier.

Aphasia Awareness




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I am just back from the New England Book Festival held at the Omni Parker Hotel in Boston. It was a day of meeting new author, discussion groups and panel groups. It was extremely interesting and enlightening. The awards were held in the room President John F. Kennedy announced his presidential run. It gave me chills to be in that room and the history in that room. As we received our awards we were asked to give a speech on what inspired you to write your book. Known as the woman who moves her hand when she speaks, I made the choice to illustrate my aphasia – unexpectedly I received a standing ovation. It was an evening filled with publishing passion, vision, humility. courage and spectacular plans for the future.

During the day I mat Alicia Young author of “Savvy Girl’s Guide to GRACE” she was a wonderful person and wrote a “Charming and lighthearted” book according to Sandra Day O’Connor, US Supreme Court Justice (ret). I am reading it now and totally agree.

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January 23, 2014 · 7:32 pm

A New York Adventure

Recently I attended the Author Solutions Seminar at the Marriot Marquis in New New York. It was a wonderful experience. The Marqius is a beautiful hotel. I spoke with other authors discussing the writing and publishing process. It was amazing how we shared th same experiences and feelings. If you are considering writing a book or have published a book this is a must. They offer you promoting ideas, fine tune your interview skills, and give you a feeling of confidence that I did not have about my book. Robert Kosberg and Keith Ogorek spoke to us concerning promoting our book and possible having it considered for a movie. The schedule was extremely busy and I was exhausted but it was more than worth it. It was surreal.

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A Lovely Card

Today I received a card from a friend from Maine. She and husband are great people and were curious why I moved my hand when I spoke. I explained it was a coping skill for my Aphasia. They were fascinated and I gave them a copy of my book. It was in July and we were heading home the same day. The next morning we had breakfast together and she read the book that night. She loved it. We have not spoken since July but yesterday I received a card from her. Her brother-in-law suffered a massive stoke damaging the left side of his brain. His family was devastated. She shared my book with her family and it eased their minds and gave them an idea what the stroke victim was feeling and what to expect. “It was so helpful, to have a first hand account of just how you were feeling as it occurred and the days and months following. Thank you so much for giving the world this book.”
“Thank you for your book.”

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Book review

Finding My Voice with Aphasia   Project #4262249781475986693_COVER_FQA.indd

“Ms. Carol Maloney has written a compelling story that chronicles her amazing life before, during, and after her devastating stroke. She writes with frankness that touches one’s heart. Her story will lend encouragement to those who have suffered a stroke as well as offer strategies to those who have a loved one recovering from one. Carol Maloney developed aphasia after her stroke. I am happy to say that she has survived and conquered both the devastation of her stroke and her aphasia. I know this first hand: she conducts amazing PowerPoint presentations to my graduate class at Rivier University each semester. She is an inspiration to all who want to improve themselves. In this book, Carol clearly describes the strategies that she used to help her become the functioning writer and speaker that she is today.”

J. Diane Connell, Ed.D.

Professor of Special Education

Learning Disabilities Advisor

Rivier University

Division of Education

Nashua, New Hampshire 03060

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