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Silent and Listen

Silent and listen are  key elements within a  conversation.  This is especially true for people with aphasia.  Background noise distracts and can cause confusion for the person with aphasia.  Both parties need to listen in able to comprehend what is being said and to understand each other.  There will be moments when the person with aphasia needs more time to comprehend or respond to your comments – silence on your part is extremely helpful for the person with aphasia. It allows them to collect their thoughts and respond. Ironically there is a commonality to Silent and Listen in all conversations

 SILENT and LISTEN share the same letters. 



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Aphasia Awareness is My Passion

Aphasia Awareness is my passion. “Sharing experiences Knowledge is Power” my radio show on TOGINET [Thursdays @ 11am EST] allows me to connect with millions of people and I am grateful for the opportunity. Aphasia is a very difficult and frustrating condition. Last week I spoke about the symptoms of a stroke, the differences between the right and left side of the brain and diminished abilities after a stroke.  Also I spoke about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
Exciting News I am in talks to develop a device to help speaking easier.

Aphasia Awareness




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Diminished Memory Loss

Today I am preparing to travel to New York to speak with publishers, media and producers.  I will be leaving on Friday for the weekend. I will be meeting with publishers, media and producers and create several selling points of my book in two minutes.  My problem is since the stroke my long term and short term memory  are dimished.   This in turns makes me anxious and my speaking is becomes diminished.  This is going to be interesting.  But I will get through it somehow.  Anyone have any ideas?

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