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Thinking you are having a STROKE?

I am doing research for my radio show on Toginet, Thursdays at 11AM and thought I should share it with you. According to the CDC and  prestigious hospitals 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke each year. On average one person dies from a stroke every 4 minutes in the United States. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and THE leading cause of adult disability. According to researchers 25% to 40% develop some form of aphasia.   A stroke occurs when blood supply to the brain is blocked or when a blood vessel ruptures, causing brain tissue.

Time is of the essence, there is only a 3 hour time span to receive medication such as a TPA, to someone suffering from a stroke.  Every second you wait for treatment the more brain cells die inflicting more disability. Remember the signs are sudden and debilitating. Sign of a stroke are:

> One side of the face drooping or feeling numb

> Weakness or numbness in one arm or leg

> Slurred speech or difficult to understand

> Sudden confusion

> Sudden loss of balance or coordination

> Sudden severe headache

When you see notice any of these symptoms — write the time of the onset the these symptoms and all 911 immediately, even if they go away after a few minutes, and tell the dispatcher the person is having a stroke.  If the symptoms dissipate within a few minutes the person needs to be checked for a TIA  or mini-stroke or warning of a stroke within several months.  Preventative medicines after the TIA can be ordered to reduce the chance of a major stroke,

Stay healthy, Stay safe and Take care.


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Aphasia Awareness is My Passion

Aphasia Awareness is my passion. “Sharing experiences Knowledge is Power” my radio show on TOGINET [Thursdays @ 11am EST] allows me to connect with millions of people and I am grateful for the opportunity. Aphasia is a very difficult and frustrating condition. Last week I spoke about the symptoms of a stroke, the differences between the right and left side of the brain and diminished abilities after a stroke.  Also I spoke about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.
Exciting News I am in talks to develop a device to help speaking easier.

Aphasia Awareness




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